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serious shit
SUP Media (Parent Company of Livejournal)
Alexander Mamut and Andrew Paulson, the owners of SUP
Annelies Van Den Belt, CEO (,
Lilia Omasheva, General Director

Anjelika Petrochenko, Livejournal General Manager in North America
Well, she cannot be happy about all this, can she?
Ilya Dronov, Head of LiveJournal Russia *caughs*

Worth some shots?
All e-mail adresses in this entry are guesswork, but backuped with some internet research - treat with caution!,,,,,,


SUP Media Press Office
Ekaterina Pahomchik
+7 495 980 80 68

Write in asking for a comment on this debacle.

There's additional contact information here:

Phone: +7 (495) 980-80-68

Thanks go to anarano and draegonhawke for gathering this info for us.

Who to write to
Type faster.
(Reposting from a comment.)

SUP Media appointed igrick:

This is rich:

[SUP Media’s CEO, Annelies van den Belt, commented on the new appointments: "LiveJournal is entering a new phase of development, and over the next year we will have a lot of great and interesting work ahead of us, improving our products, as well as increase our audience and further develop the services, available to users. We are confident that the experience of Anton, the enthusiasm of Ilya and their joint activities in the new roles will bring positive results for our company."]

The contact information at the bottom of the press release is:

SUP Media Press Office
Ekaterina Pahomchik
+7 495 980 80 68

Write in asking for a comment on this debacle.

There's additional contact information here:

Phone: +7 (495) 980-80-68

Write polite but strongly-worded emails. (If someone wants to develop a template, I'll add it to this post. It is worth noting, however, that companies pay more attention to personal letters than copy-pasted ones.) List your complaints clearly and concisely (use bullet points, if you'd like), and list any actions you're taking as a result of this – whether you're not renewing paid accounts, moving to a different service, etc. Tell them how long you've been a LiveJournal user if you've been here for a while. Make it clear that igrick is failing the consumers of SUP Media's product.

[ETA] Igrick was only appointed to his current position in November:

[Ilya Dronov joined the company in February 2007 and has carried out a number of roles includes user-interface specialist and creative director. In September 2008 he took up the position of Director of Products Development, from November 2011 he is appointed to the position of the Head of LiveJournal Russia.]

This is probably his first big project, and we can show how badly he's handled it.

Concerning auto-payments
shred_the_sky wrote:

This conversation is becoming incredibly rich. For those who don't know Russian, translating:

Me: Attention, readers. A large number of English users just reported their auto-payments being forcefully turned on. Please, check your accounts and disable those so you won't get accidentally billed without being asked to do so."

Him: What's this nonsense? Where did they report it?

Me: /links the thread where I provided the biggest Plurk page and named several people who reported problems with the auto-payments being turned on

Him: Checked. They're all liars who are trying to slander us and spread panic. And besides, payment settings don't configure themselves.

Me: Excuse me, but stop telling me tall tales. I personally know multiple people who had problems with this. They wouldn't lie to me.

And yeah, S2 style pages all magically disabled themselves earlier. What would stop these settings from enabling themselves the same way?

Him: Well, they all should have just gone to the support team and mentioned it!

Me: They've been ringing you up for three damn days now, ever since this whole nonsense started. Nobody trusts you either as people or support operatives anymore, so of course they won't be contacting you.

You do realize that you've been reported to multiple USA services for breach of law by now, right?


Ilya Dronov should be fired.
sf_drama has a wonderful write up here (thanks, myrana), but I think this image sums up everything that's wrong with igrick and why so many of us are angry:

Fuck. You. Ilya.

Anyone who agrees that igrick needs to be fired yesterday should post here. I don't know if they're listening to us, but the more people speak out, the better. What have you got to say?


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