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serious shit
whatisajiggawat wrote in fire_igrick
SUP Media (Parent Company of Livejournal)
Alexander Mamut and Andrew Paulson, the owners of SUP
Annelies Van Den Belt, CEO (,
Lilia Omasheva, General Director

Anjelika Petrochenko, Livejournal General Manager in North America
Well, she cannot be happy about all this, can she?
Ilya Dronov, Head of LiveJournal Russia *caughs*

Worth some shots?
All e-mail adresses in this entry are guesswork, but backuped with some internet research - treat with caution!,,,,,,


SUP Media Press Office
Ekaterina Pahomchik
+7 495 980 80 68

Write in asking for a comment on this debacle.

There's additional contact information here:

Phone: +7 (495) 980-80-68

Thanks go to anarano and draegonhawke for gathering this info for us.


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