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Who to write to
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draegonhawke wrote in fire_igrick
(Reposting from a comment.)

SUP Media appointed igrick:

This is rich:

[SUP Media’s CEO, Annelies van den Belt, commented on the new appointments: "LiveJournal is entering a new phase of development, and over the next year we will have a lot of great and interesting work ahead of us, improving our products, as well as increase our audience and further develop the services, available to users. We are confident that the experience of Anton, the enthusiasm of Ilya and their joint activities in the new roles will bring positive results for our company."]

The contact information at the bottom of the press release is:

SUP Media Press Office
Ekaterina Pahomchik
+7 495 980 80 68

Write in asking for a comment on this debacle.

There's additional contact information here:

Phone: +7 (495) 980-80-68

Write polite but strongly-worded emails. (If someone wants to develop a template, I'll add it to this post. It is worth noting, however, that companies pay more attention to personal letters than copy-pasted ones.) List your complaints clearly and concisely (use bullet points, if you'd like), and list any actions you're taking as a result of this – whether you're not renewing paid accounts, moving to a different service, etc. Tell them how long you've been a LiveJournal user if you've been here for a while. Make it clear that igrick is failing the consumers of SUP Media's product.

[ETA] Igrick was only appointed to his current position in November:

[Ilya Dronov joined the company in February 2007 and has carried out a number of roles includes user-interface specialist and creative director. In September 2008 he took up the position of Director of Products Development, from November 2011 he is appointed to the position of the Head of LiveJournal Russia.]

This is probably his first big project, and we can show how badly he's handled it.

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Welcome! Hope it has some effect.

I will do this, but I fear that from what I've been able to make out, they will not listen. They are never going to listen. Everybody complaining in news might as well save their breath (fingers).

We have to take some kind of action, not by leaving, not even by not paying any more. Most of Livejournal's money doesn't come from you and me, it comes from corporate advertisers.

I don't know what we can do, I just know that flooding them with comments isn't it, because they can just turn those off and not look at them.

My suspicion is that no one from SUP actually pays attention to the LJ comments, because they run several sites and paying attention to comments in the release posts and such is likely not a high priority. My hope is that by contacting people directly we can bypass the developers/LJ-specific staff, who post the news/releases and probably don't have administrative power, and bring things to the attention of someone who actually does, who might well be oblivious of the flareups because they don't keep that close an eye on things.

I wrote an email and sent it to both addresses on this post. Thank you for informing me. I don't think it will do any good, but it was worth a shot.

Well, either someone will listen, or we'll know that the entire company has written us off.

Sounds like a good plan to me. Good practice for my diplomacy bullshit, too. If nothing else, at least we'll all be better equipped to deal with mangled corporations in the future. Here goes somethin'!

I got linked here from a comment somewhere. I think this is a good strategy. I'm not sure if it'll help, but it is definitely worth a shot.

However, would it be possible to compile some examples here to use as concrete points in any complaints sent? I know I've seen translations of the twitters (?) that igrick made demonstrating complete disregard for the userbase, for example.

There are a couple of compilations linked in the community sidebar ( and ), and some additional compiled links in the comments here: and here: , but I can keep my eye out for others!

Brilliant! I missed them entirely. Also that's a fantastic icon for this situation.

I'll pimp this out on my plurk if that's all right.

Feel free!

("Sam Carter pointing at things" is a bizarrely useful icon, I have to admit.)

Additional E-mail Links
Just a entry link, as my actual comment will get automatically screened (probably due to the e-mail links in it).

Edited at 2011-12-24 06:17 am (UTC)

Re: Additional E-mail Links

Oh, excellent! Thank you! I'll update the post with this info.

Re: Additional E-mail Links


But treat the e-mail adresses with caution: It's guessing backuped with some internet research, I haven't tested them.

Re: Additional E-mail Links

...or perhaps I'll get a client error when I attempt to edit the entry. Hm. NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL.

Re: Additional E-mail Links


I still wouldn't call it that much souspicious... First I was also wary that the content got screened in several different places (therefore the entry). But as it happened also on LJ critical entries, I'm pretty sure it's just an automatic process.

I suppose it's a general default setting to avoid abuse of all sorts. At least I hope so, it would be really souspicious if filters look for lj employees names.

Re: Additional E-mail Links

It's not LJ this time. I had to change posting options after the comm received some troll posts. :( I'm on my Kindle right now, and the browser is crap, so I'll take care of this first thing tomorrow when I can get my laptop online. Don't fret!

Re: Additional E-mail Links

Alright. Thanks!

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